Not receiving the /v0.5/consents/hiu/notify calls from gateway

/v0.5/consents/hiu/notify calls are not getting from Gateway once consent is granted.

@Shubhanshu_Shukla @neha.parnami
We are facing the same issue.

@Govind_Deshmukh kindly look.

We also facing the same issues in prod and stage.


We have resolve those issues on sandbox we are looking on prod also after resolution we will get back to you.

Govind Deshmukh

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Thank you @Govind_Deshmukh , yes it’s resolved on sandbox env.

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not get this callback from gateway now (sandbox)

Hi @Govind_Deshmukh, this issue is again started coming on Sandbox environment.

Yes, same issue for us as well @Govind_Deshmukh

Getting this issue in SBX…

the issue still persists, kindly look into it.

Hi guys, this issue is resolved. We are getting the notify callbacks now.

issue still persists, kindly look into it