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Kindly check the following documentation if you have any concerns on the flows. We believe most of the queries will be answered once the documentation is thoroughly checked. Feel free to raise concerns if this doesn’t help.

  1. Understand the Implementation flow (If you are an HMIS / LMIS / HRP / HIP / HIU / HL service) -

  2. Getting started with the APIs and know how to register your bridge and services -

  3. Documentation to use and access the Health ID services -

  4. If you want to become a PHR app using the OIDC flow -

  5. Documentation for building the HIP - Check the flow and listed APIs

  6. If you are an HIP, use the facility Share Profile feature to create and authenticate HID -

  7. For record sharing, ensure following the FHIR Compliance

  1. How to check if the HRP is working as expected:

  2. Documentation for building the HIU :

  3. Documentation for building the Health Locker:

  4. Opt out of NDHM:

Other Important Links -

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