"Unable to contact your hospital" error in PHR App

For User Initiated Workflow (Discovery flow)-

  1. When a user searches for our HIP in the PHR app, we receive a discover request in our callback url ({HRP_CALLBACK_URL}/v0.5/care-contexts/discover). We are supposed to respond to the request (https://dev.abdm.gov.in/gateway/v0.5/care-contexts/on-discover), acknowledging that we have some records available in our HRP after applying the fuzzy logic .
  2. This above step however needs to be completed in 5 seconds, as the session expires in the PHR app and we are not able to respond to the request manually using postman. Even if we respond and get a successful response, it does not reflect in the PHR app since a message comes in the PHR app after 5 seconds “Unable to contact your hospital”

We need guidance from NHA on how we can test this out using postman. Also for the system to perform the fuzzy logic and respond to NHA within 5 seconds might be difficult as well.

@Shubhanshu_S @Govind_Deshmukh could you please help here?

Hi @akhil,

as per the guid line you need to provide call back on -discover and the timeline 10 second.
please check on sandbox. https://sandbox.abdm.gov.in/docs.

Govind D.