PHR API - Login by phr address using aadhar otp

Hi @Shubhanshu_Shukla I am getting following error in PHR login using phr address by Aadhaar otp

 "error": {
        "code": 1511,
        "message": "Cannot process the request at the moment, please try later."

Here is my request,
Request Body:
“patientId”: “vaishali@sbx”,
“purpose”: “CM_ACCESS”,
“authMode”: “AADHAAR_OTP”,
“requester”: {
“type”: “PHR”,
“id”: “TeCHO-PHR”

@Prajwal kindly look.

@ramandeep1 - this is still pending

@slamba - Now its working, this is due to otp service down from AADHAR