Not getting /v0.5/health-information/hip/request response at end point url

We are not getting callback for /v0.5/health-information/hip/request from ABDM at our end point URL after responding with /v0.5/consents/hip/on-notify. Following is the request body for /v0.5/consents/hip/on-notify

“acknowledgement”: {
“status”: “OK”,
“consentId”: “6af868d7-ca3b-488a-819b-baabb7808600”
“resp”: {
“requestId”: “2bb5775b-bae2-4213-a453-d0aa236be782”

@saurabh.ghanwat / @Govind_Deshmukh kindly look.

@saurabh.ghanwat / @Govind_Deshmukh - please provide update on the same

Hi @saurabh.ghanwat,

Please check once.

Govind D.

API Call /v0.5/consents/hip/notify >>Callback>> /v0.5/consents/hip/on-notify

API Call /v0.5/health-information/hip/request >>Callback>> /v0.5/health-information/hip/on-request

API Call /v0.5/consents/hip/on-notify>> Callback >> No callback

Now with this info, please tell me your issue… @Gowardhan_Mahajan

Hi @Gowardhan_Mahajan,

Please let me know is this resolved or not.

Govind D

Hi @Gowardhan_Mahajan,

Sorry to disturb you, we are closing this ticket because its for long time pending.
if you have any issue please raise the new ticket.

Govind D.