Mechanism to share and receive same reference data in gateway API calls


Its hard to related original request and its response and linked patient health ID or patient unique number as all API calls are asynchronous.

Can we have some dynamic object in request to pass some reference data of our own so that we will receive that data in on Callback methods and it will be easier to find related entity and process data.

In below API payload we share some details

and we receive same details in below callback

It will help to reduce some computation on integrators side .

Thank you.

@Govind_Deshmukh Kindly look into it.

Hi @cloops_ashutosh,

Could you please provide your details to set the meeting call and this issue as soon as possible.

Govind D.

Hi @Govind_Deshmukh,

This is not an issue, just one enhancement to pass some reference data to keep it constants in all process.


during demographic verification for linking token

in users/auth/init call we can pass some ref_data as shown in below image


and in on-init callback we will get same ref_data from payload

This mechanism will ensure some reference data is travelling common and we can do minimum processing and save some DB calls to complete the process eg

  1. HIP initiated linking
  2. Obtaining linking token which involves multiple calls.

Hi @cloops_ashutosh,
Yes i agree but we need to close this ticket know.
Govind D.